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Phub Nation

Next level Family Night!
Phubto Bombing.

It’s that time of the day again. Let’s gather around the dinner table and phub.

To the bat mobile….?

Never too late to start.

Forget flash mobs. We’ll just phub in unison.

Modern Parenting 101: Phub.

Confucius say: “Go to Museum. Phub.”

30 year of marriage. This is what it comes down to.

Not interested in the event. Let’s Phub!

Spiderman, spiderman…

Does whatever a spider can…

Right on today’s show… phub.

I study hard.

For God so loved the phub.

Phub you long time.

Spot the phub – seriously rude much?

Zombie Aphubcalypse

Braaaaaains…. oh wait let me check my Facespook…

Starting early.

True story.

Must love that office bonding.

Receiving a Doctorate in Phubology.

We the Citizens of Phub Nation – Pledge Allegiance to… hold on a sec.

Jesus is my Phubboy.

Hogging seats like a phub boss.

Yea… no.

So divorce rates are rising? You don’t say…

More customers than workers – let’s phub.


SRSLY – Phubbing Level Infinity.

So many documents on my table – phub.

They catch me rollin’, and phubbin’…

No offense… but DA FUQ?

The baby can wait.


One man band. Phub.

Serious Skillz… Or imminent faceplant.

Ensuring the security of society. maybe tomorrow.

“He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy…”


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