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Celebrity Phubbers

When your date just ain’t that interesting…
Or maybe it’s you.

Yea Chris, I’m phubbing you. What you gonna do about it? Hit me?

Can ye phub, Kanye?

Why you take my phone away…? Need… to… phub…


Dating one of the sexiest woman of the face of this earth – phubbing like a boss.

Not even pretending to use phone. Phub Level 1000.

Yes, that was really interesting, Kim. Yes.

If you looked this good, I guess it’s ok.

Priscilla Chan and her Phubiance – Mark.

Some things run in the family.

Love phubbing so much, had to do a studio shoot for it.

Like mother like daughter.

Our favourite phulebrity couple having some fun under the sun.

Our favourite Phubmily…
Or perhaps we just love looking at Kim’s…

Will, I am not happy with you.

Which one of them is gay again?

He’s just not that into you.

Olympic Torch? Nah, I’ll phub.

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